I am a current subscriber, how does this channel rebrand impact my TV package?

You will notice a new look and feel starting September 12. There are no changes to the channel numbers, packaging, or the great content you were previously watching.

Will I automatically get CTV Comedy Channel since I have CTV?

CTV Comedy Channel is not automatically included with CTV.

How do I add CTV Comedy Channel to my TV package?

Contact your TV service provider to order CTV Comedy Channel.

Is there an On Demand channel?

Yes! An On Demand channel is included as part of a subscription.

Can I access the CTV Comedy Channel app from any device?

Access to CTV Comedy Channel app content is supported on iPhone, iPad, Android, and web-connected desktop and laptop computers. We currently do not support Blackberry.

What is the CTV Comedy Channel app?

The CTV Comedy Channel app gives you access to the best live and on-demand content in Canada on many platforms at any time, everywhere. This video streaming service allows you to enjoy many of your favourite TV shows live on multiple devices in addition to a large library of on-demand video content.

Will streaming TV shows use my cellular data plan (3G/4G/LTE)?

If you are not connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, streaming video will use your data plan.

Can I watch CTV Comedy Channel app content outside of Canada?

If you are outside Canada, the CTV Comedy Channel app will not be available to you for viewing.

Who is the CTV Comedy Channel app for?

The CTV Comedy Channel app is for everybody who loves amazing TV and has a subscription to CTV Comedy Channel with a participating television service provider. Your access to CTV Comedy Channel app programs is linked to your TV subscription.

Where do I get the CTV Comedy Channel app?

The CTV Comedy Channel app is available for download in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), or you can visit to get started. Once you have downloaded the CTV Comedy Channel app or have gone to, select "Sign In," select your TV service provider, and follow the login steps.

Content from the CTV Comedy Channel app is also available on set top box and other platforms provided by participating service providers.

My television provider is not listed, what can I do to get the CTV Comedy Channel app offered?

The CTV Comedy Channel app is available for the below providers.

  • Bell Fibe - 1.866.FIBREOP (342.7367) or
  • Bell Satellite - [1.888.759.3474|tel:1.888.759.3474] or
  • Bell Aliant - 1-866-FIBREOP (1-866-342-7367) or
  • Bell MTS -  1-204-CALL-MTS (204-225-5687)
  • Cogeco -  1-855-701-4881
  • Eastlink - 1-888-345-1111 (24/7) or Live Chat or email can be launched -
  • Rogers -  1-888-764-3771
  • SaskTel - 1-800-SASKTEL (1-800-727-5835) or
  • Shaw -  1-888-472-2222or
  • Source Cable - 1-866-785-7851 or
  • - 1-866-434-5888
  • Tbaytel - 1-800-264-9501
  • Telus - 310-6988 or

Can I find out what shows are available to watch before I subscribe?

You don't need a subscription to browse or search the full CTV Comedy Channel app catalogue. Visit or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Why is the CTV Comedy Channel app only available with a TV subscription?

The CTV Comedy Channel app is a complementary TV service designed to enhance the programming you already get from your TV service provider.

The CTV Comedy Channel app offers many more hours of content, exclusives and live streams of the broadcast channel, all available as added value to users who have a subscription.

Will the CTV Comedy Channel app use my personal information/data?

The CTV Comedy Channel app will never compromise or share personal information received from our customers. Any tracking for measurement purposes is done at an aggregate level and not at an individual one.

Any and all use of customer information will comply with our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at

Have another question about the CTV Comedy Channel app?

Email us at

What shows are available to watch online?

CTV Comedy Channel has a wide-range of content including full episodes, exclusive clips, and behind-the-scenes extras.


When do full episodes become available for viewing?

The timeframe varies from show to show and channel to channel, but most content will appear online twenty four hours after it airs. Check the Latest/Most Recent collection of Videos for the latest available clips and episodes. New content is added often, so make sure you keep checking back for new clips and exclusive content!


Can I share clips from the CTV Comedy Channel app with my friends or embed the clips in my blog or social networks?

You can share clips to Facebook or Twitter or by copying the external share links located by the player. The player does not support embedded clips at this time but it is a feature we are working hard to deliver. If you are a journalist or blogger covering the programming, please visit and contact the Communications Department.


Why can't I view some of my favourite shows online?

Due to broadcast agreements, we do not own the rights to all shows we broadcast on television to stream on the Internet. Also, the length of time we can make the episodes available for streaming can vary, so your favourite show might only be available for a limited amount of time.


Are videos available in closed captioning?

Closed captioning and described video are currently available on some of our programs.


Why am I getting a “video playback error” on my device?

This message will be displayed when you try to watch CTV Comedy Channel app video content on iOS or Android devices that do not have an official release of the OS (operating system) software. The CTV Comedy Channel app only supports official releases. “Jailbroken” devices are not supported.


Will I have the option to select video quality so I can ensure I don’t go over my monthly Internet bandwidth allocation?

The CTV Comedy Channel app was designed for the best TV watching experience possible. It automatically detects your connection speed and sends you the highest quality video stream your connection can support. If you have concerns about video streaming consuming your Internet bandwidth allocation, you have the option to use your set-top box.


The player functions are not working. What should I do?

You can try refreshing your browser, or if in an app, hard-close the app and try again.


When I try to watch a program, the video keeps skipping, stopping, or giving me an error message. Why is this happening?

All CTV Comedy Channel app videos are tested before they are released. The most common cause of skipping in video is an issue with your Internet connection. However, if you have watched multiple videos and only experienced problems with one, please contact CTV Comedy Channel.


What are the system requirements to access the CTV Comedy Channel app from my computer?

For the best viewing experience you should have a high speed Internet connection. The speed of your connection will determine the quality of the video, and how quickly your episode will begin playing on your computer. If you are a Windows user, the CTV Comedy Channel app requires you to have a least Windows XP with Service Pack 2. If you are a Mac user, you must have Mac OS 10.6 or better. The CTV Comedy Channel app requires the Adobe® Flash® Player to stream video content. If you do not have the proper version of the Adobe® Flash® Player installed on your computer you will be required to update it before being able to sign in or watch any video.


While trying to watch video on the website, I received an "Adobe Flash Player is out-of-date" message.

Follow the instructions to update to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.


While trying to watch video on the website, I received a "Right Click to play Adobe Flash Player" or "Enable Adobe Flash Player" message.

Right click on the message within the video player and follow the steps to play video instantly. If that doesn't work or isn't available, follow the steps to enable Adobe Flash Player in your browser:


Why is Flash being disabled in my browser by default?

Browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari disable flash by default. In the coming months, we will have a new solution that will not require Flash and will meet all new industry standards. The transition will be seamless to our customers and video will continue to work.


I'm trying to view a video but it says that the content is no longer available?

Due to licensing agreements with our content providers, some content is only available on certain platforms or for a certain period of time before expiration.


What's the deal with ad blocking software?

You may have unpredictable playback when using ad-blocking software or browser plugins. We recommend turning off any unnecessary software or plugins that may affect your experience.


Do I need to disable my anti-virus software or any firewalls in order to access the CTV Comedy Channel app on my computer?

The CTV Comedy Channel app operates using commonly accessible web protocols (HTTP, HTTPS) on standard ports for which most firewalls will allow access. If you have custom security in place, it may affect the ability of the CTV Comedy Channel app to properly function. If you have installed a firewall at home, simply accept the request from your firewall asking if it’s okay to access the CTV Comedy Channel app. To make the CTV Comedy Channel app an exception to your computer’s firewall, go to your Internet service provider’s online Help section and follow the instructions. For firewalls at work, you will need to contact your company’s Information Technology department.


Do I need to adjust any web browser security settings on my computer to watch the CTV Comedy Channel app?

When you log in to the CTV Comedy Channel app, you are doing so with your TV Service Provider username and password, which we will never see. As a result, to watch the CTV Comedy Channel app, your browser must enable "third-party cookies" and must have the ability to use secure connections. Other than that, standard browser settings will work fine. The following links provide more details on Third Party Cookies:


I am in Canada but the CTV Comedy Channel app says that I am outside Canada. What can I do?

First ensure a VPN or Proxy is not enabled, otherwise please contact us at CTV Comedy Channel.

I saw a program on CTV Comedy Channel that I'd like to watch again. How can I find out the replay date?

Take a look at the program schedule on the CTV Comedy Channel website. The schedule lists the programming for the current and following week. If you do not see it listed, try checking again in a couple of weeks.


Can I get a copy of a program I saw on CTV Comedy Channel?

Unfortunately, copies of programs aired on CTV Comedy Channel are not available to the public for purchase from CTV Comedy Channel. We suggest that you check our program schedule to see if and when the program will air again.


Can I request that CTV Comedy Channel air a particular film or program?

CTV Comedy Channel generally does not take programming requests. However, you may e-mail suggestions to CTV Comedy Channel and we will take them into consideration.


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