The fact that the last four to five months have been some of the hardest our country (and the world) has ever been though isn’t news to anyone. With that being said, it’s easy to forget that many people in the performing arts, including stand-up comics, have been hit especially hard. The math is simple – with fewer people going out in public, there are far fewer opportunities for comics to display their talents and, more importantly, make money.
Which is why CTV Comedy Channel teamed up with Just For Laughs to celebrate and support Canadian comics by airing four of Crave’s original stand-up specials back-to-back starting August 3. Not only will you be able to watch (or re-watch) these A+ specials, you’ll have something to tide you over while The Daily Show goes on break.
But wait, there’s more! During each special, viewers will be invited to donate to the Emergency Relief Fund for Canadian Comedians organized by the Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians, which assists comedians with their emergency financial needs for essential living costs. You can donate by visiting the official GoFundMe page at
In the first special, Aisha Brown: The First Black Woman Ever, Brown tackles topics ranging from her boyfriend’s penis to clinical depression. In Tom Henry: 66 Jokes, airing August 4, Henry gives us exactly what’s promised in the title: 66 completely original, hilarious jokes. In Mark Forward Wins All The Awards, airing August 5, The Stand-Up Shows Forward gives us his takes on death and bears, among other things. And finally, on August 6, Robby Hoffman (who will make a Stand-Up Show appearance in August), talks about her religious upbringing, the U.S.-Canada border, and more in Robby Hoffman: I’m Nervous.
Be sure to tune in to each special starting August 3 at 11 p.m. ET, and consider donating to the Emergency Relief Fund for Canadian Comedians if you’re financially able. Your friendly neighbourhood comic will thank you!