Every human has the potential to weaponize their pee but it’s fairly rare for us to utilize this gift because like the Atom Bomb or Ring of Power, its effects cause more harm than good.
You’ve no doubt heard about recent allegations toward America’s president elect, which involve him using the power of piss by paying Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed that his predecessor once slept on. Predictably, these allegations have caused a nuclear explosion of reaction that further builds on the already intriguing story of a huckster turned dictator. But while this chapter has harmed our own minds and the reputation of Russia’s sex workers, it’s likely that Trump will escape unscathed, primed for another conveniently distracting scandal.
The timing of these allegations worked out well for Trump thanks to their proximity to Obama’s farewell speech, and it also benefited the gang at Full Frontal because it went down the day before they started back up on their new night, Wednesday. On last night’s return to the airwaves, Samantha Bee wasted no time tackling the Russian hooker pee story like a kid bolting from the station wagon and into the woods after holding it in during a road trip to grandma’s.

If someone could make us buttons that read  “A spoon full of hooker urine helps the treason claims go down”, that’d be great.
Obviously there’s way more to this episode than just this clip so check your local listing, catch a repeat, and leave a comment PROVING you did because we’re absolutely starved for attention. Or start fresh next Wednesday with a fresh episode airing at 10.30ep following The Beaverton.