The chances that this whole Donald Trump thing is a dream that’s been Inception’d into our subconscious by an elite level prankster are getting slimmer by the hour. On last night’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah revealed that he’s in possession of one of the known Trump horcruxes—a tangible, physical item that goes a long way to prove this nightmare is far more real than a degree from Trump University.
An anonymous source that no doubt has ties to America’s dangerous underground pastry network has sent The Daily Show the ACTUAL cake used by the Trump administration to symbolize sweetness, victory, and dessert during his historic inauguration. The cake made headlines when it was revealed that it was a near exact copy of the cake presented to President Obama during his inauguration in 2013. The copycat sliced into by Trump and Mike Pence using some sort of broadsword before somehow ending up in New York City, intact, on the set of The Daily Show. While its past remains unknown, its future is in our hands.
Now that Trevor Noah owns it, he wants to know what to do with it. Since it’s 95% Styrofoam, eating it is out of the question, and because the show has dignity, Noah has ruled out pissing on it. The show needs your help to figure out what to do with the legendary cake, so if you have a good idea, type it out on Twitter using the hashtag #TrumpCake and you can become a weird part of these odd times. Check out the segment below: