If you had the GUTS to follow along with us while we were in Montreal for Just For Laughs, you’ll know that the festival is a booze-soaked comedy marathon, where hydration is attained via gravy, and the only vegetable for miles is deep fried potato. That means that when we politely ask our favourite comics if they’d like to do an interview, we’re met with a hesitant “Sure” and a skeptical looks that says, “This is going to be stupid but at least I can go back to bed after”.
With years of JFL experience under our synthetic leather belts, we knew it’d be an advantage to add an insider to our away team who’d be able to give us instant credibility with festival talent, and who better than actual festival talent, Matt O’Brien?
Matt’s been moonlighting as a Much Creator, which satisfied our shadowy overlords who seek “synergy” and “brand awareness” when approving pricey travel for low-level employees such as ourselves. And for us it meant we’d have a hilarious dude alongside us who could make our jobs easier by forcing him to be funny among his peers with very little direction or preparation.
For example, when we secured an interview with K. Trevor Wilson who made a splash at the festival by making it to the semifinals of Roast Battle, it was Matt’s idea to try to get the Letterkenny star to say “pasta salad” as many times as possible. It was much better than our idea of trying to get him to roast hotel patio furniture. The result of the challenge can be viewed below, professionally edited and packaged in-house by one of our videophonic engineers.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more Matt-helmed videos from JFL!