The first two times I saw Kathy Griffin perform was in a five month period. The shows were about as far about as you can get, with one in the southern US and one in northern Ontario, making the likelihood of common audience members slim. Still, while most comedians work on their act and perform it for about a year before taping a special, Griffin didn’t repeat a single joke at either show. It’s a feat that is almost non-existent in comedy and it’s her ability to continually write topical and hilarious content that keeps Griffin touring sold-out theatres all year.

After decades in the business, Griffin’s tour schedule looks like a one-woman NBA season, with Griffin averaging four gigs per week all year. It’s her relentless drive for the stage that has helped Griffin beat George Carlin’s record for the most recorded comedy specials, eventually earning her a Guinness World Record. A Grammy, two Emmys, a few TV shows and a never-ending ability to make teeny boppers utter death threats towards her on Twitter (seriously) has helped Griffin become one of the most successful comedians of all time.

On Saturday night, Griffin continued her nonstop touring in Fort Lauderdale, where she played to a sold out crowd of fans eager to hear her thoughts on the latest Real Housewives scandal and which celebrity she’s pissed off now.

There were two main hot topics fans waited for Griffin to comment on throughout the two hour set and the comedian did not disappoint.

Of course, there was Griffin’s recent departure as the host of Fashion Police. Not a lot of scoop on the topic was given, maybe because there wasn’t any or maybe because legally she’s not allowed to say. Griffin did explain that FP was simply not a good fit for her and praised its predecessor and her late mentor, Joan Rivers.

The second topic that had fans arriving early was the interview heard round the world. Less than 24 hours after his sit down with Diane Sawyer aired, Griffin was on stage discussing all things Bruce Jenner.

Clocking in at about 45 minutes of new material, Griffin proved two things with her set on Saturday night. One, her role as an ally and advocate of the LGBTQ community is one she takes seriously. Two, no comedian is or ever has been as topical as Griffin. While most comedians spend weeks or month working on new material, Griffin showed her stripes as a seasoned pro, delivering brand new jokes written that day, which included Griffin applauding Jenner for taking out his ponytail and suggesting he look into the Republican Party he supports a little bit closer (no kidding).

Griffin hit her usual high notes, discussing the worst and worst of reality TV, giving her latest take on the Kardashians (what does Kourtney do for a living?) and spilling on her latest celebrity encounter (it involves a very *allegedly* out of it Harry Styles asking Tom Hanks if he remembers being in Forrest Gump).

While I wouldn’t mind seeing Kathy update her critique on reality TV to something a little more substantial (I just want to talk about Game of Thrones all the time and nothing else, please and thank you), the woman with the hilariously dirty mouth and endless energy continues to break ground and break records with her signature pop culture comedy.