TJ Miller is a stand up comedian that you may recognize as ‘that guy from that thing’. Let us tell you, he’s much more than what’s his face. Miller is one of our fave comedians right now and because we like you and we like TJ Miller, we think you should like TJ. It’s just basic math.

Miller appeared on Conan this week and gave a little taste of his comedy greatness. For you viewing pleasure, we’ve added a few more arguments to our thesis “Watch TJ Miller do funny stuff and your day will be better.”

1. He makes getting up at six in the morning and watching the news a pleasant experience.

2. He respects the comedy greats, as shown in this interview with the late, great Joan Rivers.

3. He’s our answer to the question “Why are you watching (insert How To Train Your Dragon, Yogi Bear 3D, Big Hero 6, etc.)? That’s a kids movie.”

4. He had a huge role in the underrated She’s Out of My League alongside Jay Baruchel.


5. His long-running podcast Cashing In With TJ Miller makes you look forward to sitting in traffic.


6. He’s on Silicon Valley, an HBO show we can actually understand, follow, and laugh about.

Silicon Valley

7. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch him as a guest on @Midnight, airing every Monday to Thursday at 12E/9P on Much.


8. Lastly, you should follow him on Twitter @NotTJMiller. His feed is very educational.

TJ Twitter