With the COVID-19 pandemic upending the production schedules of many a movie and TV show, people in the media industry have been forced to get a little creative. The producers behind The Daily Show are doing just that---starting tonight (March 23), The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah will be airing in place of the regularly-scheduled The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
Filmed remotely from the homes of Trevor Noah and his various Daily Show correspondents (including Roy Wood Jr. and Jaboukie Young-White), The Daily Social Distancing Show is here to ensure that you get your regular dose of topical humour all while promoting the importance of staying the hell away from other people. If you want to laugh AND cry about the coronavirus instead of just cry, tuning in to The Daily Social Distancing Show is a must. Plus, this finally gives us a chance to get a glimpse into the apartments of the rich and famous.
Catch new episodes of The Daily Social Distancing Show Monday to Thursday at 11 p.m. ET, and catch up on full episodes on ctvcomedy.ca and the CTV Comedy Channel app.