We’re coming up on a new year AND a new decade, which means it’s the perfect time to launch into a brand-new season of Mad About You, the first in just over 20 years.
Mad About You makes its official return on January 7 at 10ep on CTV Comedy Channel---but to give yourself a reminder of what made the original series so great, you can also watch Mad About You’s ‘90s iteration on ctv.ca and the CTV app. Here’s a breakdown of all the ways you can experience Mad About You over the next few weeks.
Mad About You: The Revival
As mentioned above, Mad About You returns to Canadian screens for the first time in over two decades on January 7 on CTV Comedy Channel. The 12-episode season will air with back-to-back episodes for six weeks and will focus on what Paul (Paul Reiser) and Jamie (Helen Hunt) Buchman decide to do with their lives when daughter Mabel (Abby Quinn) moves out of their New York apartment and into a college dorm. All those episodes will be available to stream on ctvcomedy.ca and the CTV Comedy Channel app---and you can even stream the very first episode for free.
Mad About You: The Original Series
Don’t remember where the Buchmans last left off (or what they looked like back in 1999)? Stream all seven seasons of the original series (again, for FREE) on ctv.ca and the CTV app, accessible on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox One and Samsung Smart TV. We still can’t get that theme song out of our heads…
Mad About You: Best Of
If you don’t have time to watch seven whole seasons before January 7, never fear---we’ve curated a few ‘best of’ collections to get you started off on the right foot, also available on ctv.ca and the CTV app. Right now you can check out our Mad About You Holiday collection, but stay tuned for our Guest Stars and Best Episodes collections as well, both coming soon.