It may be 20 years since the original series went off the air, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t dozens of stories still left to tell.
On January 7, Mad About You---along with series stars Paul Reiser (Paul Buchman) and Helen Hunt (Jamie Buchman), returns to television screens with a 12-episode comeback season.
Paul and Jamie are still married and still living in the same New York apartment---but their routine is rocked when their teenage daughter, Mabel (Abby Quinn) moves out to go to college. Does the fact that said college is only a few blocks away make a difference to the Buchmans? Absolutely not. In the season premiere, Mad About You favourites including Lisa (Anne Ramsay) and Mark (Richard Kind) as well as new cast member Kecia Lewis, who plays Mark’s wife, Tonya, all rush to Paul and Jamie’s side to support them in Mabel’s absence. John Pankow also returns as Paul’s cousin Ira, and Jerry Adler returns as the Buchmans’ apartment superintendent Mr. Wicker.
Paul and Jamie quickly learn that their friends and family members won’t be around all the time, and that they’ll have to learn to live together again now that a piece of the figurative Buchman puzzle is missing. If the fact that Mabel makes her mother sign a contract limiting her number of dorm visits is any indication, this transition goes less than smoothly.
Guest stars for this new season of Mad About You include the great Carol Burnett as Jamie’s mother Theresa, Cynthia Harris as Paul’s mother Sylvia, and Cloris Leachman as one of Jamie’s therapy patients.
Tune in to the two-episode premiere of Mad About You Tuesday January 7 at 10ep, and check out the season trailer here.