A long-awaited reboot, the strangest talk show you’ll probably ever watch, and an exciting new series from some veteran comedy writers---aka, the three new shows that’ll be premiering on Comedy (soon to become the CTV Comedy Channel) later this year.

The first series is---drumroll, please---a 12-episode reboot of popular ‘90s sitcom Mad About You. Yes, it’s that Mad About You, and yes, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are indeed making a triumphant return. Starring Reiser and Hunt as New York City couple Paul and Jaime Buchman, Mad About You will continue to explore the ins and outs of modern married life. This time around, however, Paul and Jamie must grapple with the fact that their 17-year-old daughter Mabel---the same daughter we saw Jamie give birth to in the original series---is going off to college…six blocks away.

Next up is Cold As Balls, in which host Kevin Hart interviews his friends while submerged in a bathtub of icy water. The series, which originated on YouTube, features a myriad of A-list guests such as Lamar Odom and Odell Beckham Jr.

Finally we have Tacoma F.D., a half-hour comedy from the great minds who brought us Super Troopers. Tacoma follows a group of firefighters who work and live in Tacoma, Washington, one of the rainiest cities in America---and as you might imagine, firefighters don’t necessarily always have a ton of work to do when Mother Nature does a lot of that work for them. Consequently, the members of the fire department---played by Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, The Good Place’s Eugene Cordero, Homecoming’s Marcus Henderson, Heartland’s Gabriel Hogan, and Hassie Harrison---resort to competing against one another and fanning the figurative flames of rivalry to pass the time.