In case you haven’t heard, Jordan Klepper is back this Thursday with his new docuseries, Klepper. And this time, he's not behind a desk---instead, he's exploring the front lines of American activism. To get you excited for all of his real-world adventures, here are five reasons you should watch tomorrow's Klepper series premiere. 

Jordan Klepper Used To Be A Correspondent On The Daily Show

Klepper’s television debut was in 2014 with The Daily Show, hosted by Jon Stewart, succeeded by Trevor Noah. He stayed on the show for three years and during his time, recieved only positive reviews. Fun fact: Klepper debuted on the show only four days after his audition. Talk about talent.

Klepper Used To Host His Own Show

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, which debuted in September 2017, tackled mainstream media and politics from the only relevant perspective---his. Although it was short-lived, it introduced us to Jordan Klepper as a host and made us realize that we want more of him.

He Was Arrested While Filming An Episode

Yeah, you read that right. In February 2019, when filming an episode, Klepper was arrested for trespassing while protesting at the Georgia State Capitol. As seen above, his mugshot was turned into the poster for the upcoming show. What a move.

Klepper Tackles Serious Topics

Klepper may be hosted by a comedian, but it goes deep. The situations covered are important ones that may not be getting the attention they deserve, from attending high school as an undocumented immigrant to being an army vet who turns to wrestling to cope with PTSD. Klepper is taking a huge step by highlighting these groups of people, and we can only hope that he’s successful in bringing awareness to different, oft-neglected sides of American life.

We Get To See Klepper In Odd Situations

Since Klepper is putting the “act” in activism, we get to see him in situations he wouldn’t typically experience. Whether it’s on a capsized boat in a river, in a wrestling ring, or interviewing a parade of people with rifles, he is in it 100%---and that’s something you don’t want to miss.