10 long years ago, we said goodbye to our friends from the fictional Saskatchewan town of Dog River.
For six seasons, Corner Gas brought many laughs to homes across the country. Created by Canadian comedian Brent Butt based on an idea of what his life would have been like if he stayed in small town Saskatchewan, the show became one of the most successful Canadian sitcoms ever made. And during its five year run, the show produced some pretty memorable moments---here are some of our favourites. 
Saskatchewan Is Flat

“There’s lots to see, nothing to block your view,” says Hank Yarbo during the first scene of the series. Brent Leroy and Hank sarcastically joke to one another when a visitor just passing through for some gas comments on how flat the Western province is. It’s not so much the Saskatchewan is flat comment that makes this funny but rather the banter between Brent and Hank that really sells this moment.
The F and E Go Missing

In Season 6 Episode 18, “Get the F Off My Lawn,” Lacey loses the “F” and “E” from her CAFÉ sign during a windstorm. From Lacey’s reaction at the start of the episode to every time the remark “F and E” is repeated, the situation only gets funnier and funnier. The simplicity of this joke (and the fact that the repeated line can be taken in an alternate, not so P.G. way) is pure comedic genius.
Every Time Oscar Leroy Speaks

Oscar Leroy is by far one of the funniest characters in the show, delivering some pretty hilarious quotes and stealing multiple scenes. From his favourite word to some of his ridiculous antics (i.e. using the sound of a dog barking to frighten children), the laughs are never few and far between with Oscar. 
War Of The Pink Eye

In Season 5 Episode 14, “Contagious Fortune,” Hank, Brent and Wanda battle it out as they, one by one, each get pink eye. The absolute ridiculous reactions that occur as each person contracts it is comedy gold. And how can you not laugh at Wanda screaming through the window that she’ll be back for Hank, threatening her vengeance…all because she got an eye infection from him?
Hank Meets The Littlest Hobo

Season 3 Episode 5, “The Littlest Yarbo,” Hank meets a German Shepherd that he believes to be the Littlest Hobo. The lengths Hank goes to just to prove his assumption make this episode too funny to not include. And Hank's refusal to accept that it might not be the famous dog keeps the laughs coming.