The stellar first season of The Other Two (which, if you don’t know, follows the Dubek siblings, who come to terms with their younger brother’s sudden and explosive pop career) is sadly, coming to an end this Thursday. While we’re excited to find out what’s in store for Cary, Brooke, and Chase in Season 2 (and in the Season 1 finale---Chase is hitting the VMAs, baby!) we thought we’d take some time to shout out our favourite scenes from the nine episodes we’ve seen so far.
Brooke Becomes Chase’s Assistant - Chase Gets a Girlfriend
Initially, former dancer Brooke (played by the great Heléne Yorke) is completely opposed to the idea of becoming her younger brother’s assistant---and we can’t really blame her. However, in Episode 3 she reluctantly agrees to help foster ChaseDreams’ (Case Walker) career and learns that she’s actually really good at it. The scene in which the normally cynical Brooke tells her mom, Pat (Molly Shannon) that she’ll be living with and helping Chase is especially heartwarming. She’s come a long way from this:

Chase Gets A ‘Professional’ Impersonator - Chase Goes to a High School Dance
Lorraine, played by Difficult People’s Jackie Hoffman, looks absolutely nothing like Chase---but that didn’t stop her from auditioning to be his stunt double during a school dance. It also didn’t stop Chase’s potentially unhinged manager, Streeter (Ken Marino), from hiring her. Streeter’s scheme prevented Chase from getting swarmed from screaming teenage girls, but it also almost got Chase in trouble for “smoking” with kids. Why Lorraine, why?

Cary Goes On Watch What Happens Live - Chase Shoots a Music Video
Cary’s (Drew Tarver) loss is usually our gain, and that statement is never truer than when he gets a gig on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and embarrasses himself in front of Hollywood star Patrick Wilson. And Pat.

The Homage to Call Me by Your Name - Chase Turns Fourteen

Ok, so this scene is only like a minute long. But how can you not love an unexpected Call Me by Your Name tribute (especially when that tribute involves real tears)? Pulling a Call Me by Your Name after a tough breakup is now officially a thing.

Pat Tells the Truth - Chase Drops His First Album
The Other Two is, by all accounts, a comedy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not allowed to give us a couple of dramatic moments here and there. Creators/producers/writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider had been teasing the cause of the Dubek patriarch’s death throughout Season 1 (spoiler alert: it’s not cancer), and the truth finally gets revealed in Episode 9. It’s Pat who ends up sharing the somewhat upsetting story to not only Chase, but also the thousands of preteen fans watching Chase’s album release livestream around the world. It’s a heavy moment, but it’s a moment that needed to happen---and all the actors involved do an A+ job of toeing the line between funny and intense.