Tonight at 10ep, The Stand-Up Show with Katherine Ryan will premiere. But who is Katherine Ryan? And what is stand-up? For the answers to both (ok, maybe one) of these questions and more, read on and then impart your newfound knowledge on to your friends.

Katherine Ryan Is Basically Canadian/British Royalty

If you’re living under an international comedy rock, The Stand-Up Show’s trusty host, Katherine Ryan, is proof that good things really can and do come out of Sarnia. Right now she’s based in England, but fortunately she returned to the Great White North last summer. You can follow Ryan on Twitter @Kathbum

The Whole Show Was Filmed At JFL Montreal 2018

For a few glorious weeks every summer, Montreal turns into a bonafide comedy wonderland---a place to rub elbows with icons like Trevor Noah and meet exciting up-and-comers like Rose Matafeo and Gavin Matts. Each of The Stand-Up Show’s eight episodes was recorded during that magical time, and it shows---each and every comic  is on their A-game. 

You Can Watch Your Current Favourites…

From SNL’s Chris Redd, Colin Quinn, and Mike O’Brien to long-time Canadian comic Sara Hennessey, the reverb-loving Todd Glass, and Twitter King Joel Kim Booster, The Stand-Up Show is chock-full of comics you already know and love.

…And Discover Your Future Favourites

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t invite a selection of greener comics to take the stage. If you don’t recognise the names Liza Treyger, Steph Tolev, Dave Merheje and Janelle James yet, you will very soon

It Premieres Tonight

We already said this, but it bears repeating---you don’t want to miss out on watching what’s basically eight full hours of JFL from the comfort of your own home, do you? Not to mention the exclusive BTS and on-stage extras we’ll be releasing online throughout the next few weeks.