Another year, another stack of comedy stand-up specials waiting to hit your eyes and ears. We handpicked these specials to help you ring in the New Year right, so before they air we thought we’d go through each and tell you how/why watching them will help give you some 2019 inspo (that’s right, we're saying inspo now - new year, new us). 

January 11 10ep: Michelle Wolf – Nice Lady

Michelle Wolf made waves and inspired dozens of headlines when she hosted the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last April, but the year prior she blew the comedy community away with “Nice Lady,” an hour-long special that touches on a myriad of social issues including feminism, equal pay, climate change, and (most importantly) the use of public washrooms.

January 18 10ep: Goatface

You’ve probably heard of Hasan Minhaj, but you may not have heard of Goatface, a comedy troupe made up of Minhaj, Aristotle Athrias (How to Be Broke), Asif Ali (New GirlWrecked), and Fahim Anwar (Drunk History). Goatface has been performing together since 2011, and you can tell. This special – filmed and released in late 2018 – is a perfect demonstration of Minhaj, Athrias, Ali and Anwar’s chemistry. Plus, seeing four comics of colour on stage together (at the same time!) is a treat that’s still, unfortunately, all too rare. Who else could come up with a concept as genius and specific as a fake game show called “Baba Knows Best”?

January 25 10ep: Kevin Smith – Silent But Deadly

Kevin Smith is a Canadian comedy legend – what more is there to say? In "Silent But Deadly” (filmed right before the comic’s tragic and widely-publicized heart attack), Smith chats about everything from weed and his decades-spanning career to his wife and kid– all while wearing a custom-made hockey jersey. Smith has made a living out of talking to people for a reason.