February is the month of love, but you know what’s better than love? COMEDY. We’re continuing our Friday stand-up special streak, so keep reading to check out what’s airing when and to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the laughs.
Friday February 1 10ep: Ron Funches – Giggle Fit

Accurately described by Variety as “positive-centric,” Ron Funches’ “Giggle Fit” is an ode to everything that the L.A. stand-up loves, including “staring at women in winter coats.” Funches also talks about his son, iPhones, and Dwayne Johnson (aka the "Beyoncé for boys”). And, of course, he giggles. A lot. If you need a warm, cozy pick-me-up to get you through the dead of winter, “Giggle Fit” is for you.
Friday February 8 10ep: Big Questions, Huge Answers with Jon Dore

If you’re a Canadian comedy fan, you’ve probably known who Jon Dore is for years (or at least recognize him from his stint on Canadian Idol). Last year he finally got the exposure he deserves in the form of “Big Questions, Huge Answers,” a special in which Dore attempts to eradicate cyberbullying once and for all. Unsurprisingly, Dore’s methods, while well-intentioned, are unconventional. He also tries to rid schools of predatory teachers, holding a so-called” reverse beauty pageant” (where the students are the judges and potential teachers are the contestants) to do so.
Friday February 15 10ep: George Lopez – The Wall: Live from Washington, DC

In “The Wall,” long-time comic George Lopez tackles the hard-hitting issues---organic food, dogs in strollers, and exotic food allergies. But he also, as the name of the special suggests, talks about Donald Trump’s infamous U.S./Mexico border wall---and as a Mexican-American man, Lopez is able to talk and joke about the wall from a perspective that’s as thought-provoking as it is funny.
Friday February 22 10ep: Roy Wood Jr. – No One Loves You

In “No One Loves You,” The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. talks about issues and topics that are especially relevant to people of colour, specifically African-Americans. He’s also got some tips for how Americans can improve their country. Step One: change the national anthem. Step Two: ensure that everyone who visits America's “equality restaurant” gets the same level of service.