While most of us will, sadly, probably never get to visit the town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, a series of high-profile Canadians will be granted that honour when Corner Gas Animated Season 2 (which’ll consist of 11 episodes, by the way) premieres later this year.

Chief among those visitors is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and we’re dying to see how the citizens of Dog River will react to their town’s prestigious new tourist. Will they keep the conversations political? Will they grill him about hypothetically fighting Emmanuel Macron for the title of Most Attractive World Leader? Or will they convince him to join in on one of their strange schemes?

If you’re a long-time Corner Gas fan, you probably already know that inviting the sitting Prime Minister on to the show for a guest appearance (regardless of whether that appearance takes place in the real world or in a bright, cartoon-y approximation of the real world) is a CG tradition.

However, this year PM Trudeau won’t be alone---astronaut and pilot Chris Hadfield, Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein, and TV star/film star/Canadian icon Michael J. Fox will join him, presumably as themselves. JANN’s Jann Arden and stand-up comic Russell Peters will also make guest appearances as a University representative and a forest ranger/bear (yes, you read that right) respectively.

Keep checking back for more Corner Gas Animated details, including an official Season 2 premiere date announcement.