It’s T-minus two days until Homegrown Comics night. To celebrate, we’re bringing you two more Homegrown backstage interviews. You’re welcome!

In today’s first interview, Ottawa’s own Kyle Brownrigg (a SiriusXM Top Comic finalist) talks about being a gay male stand-up in Canada, his hatred of observational comedy (i.e. “what’s the deal with toasters?”) and the power of Amy Schumer. He also talks about looking up to awesome female comics, including This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ Heidi Foss, Maria Bamford, and Wendy Liebman. Watch his interview here

You can follow Kyle Brownrigg on Twitter @kylebrownrigg and on Instagram @kylebrownrigg as he continues to blaze the Top Comic campaign trail.

Next, Vancouver’s Jacob Samuel talks about starting comedy in the early 2010s, getting addicted to joke writing, checking his ego at the door and not always following everyone’s advice. Watch his interview here

You can follow Jacob Samuel on Twitter @byjacobsamuel and on Instagram @byjacobsamuel. Both accounts are private, so who knows what could be lurking in there?

Homegrown Comics airs on September 3 at 9ep.