We can all agree that summer and, by extension, any holiday that celebrates the beginning or end of summer, is overrated. So why the hell would you spend the long weekend in the sweltering heat/pouring rain/whatever weather Mother Nature decides to plague us with next when you could curl up on the couch and watch some of Canada’s funniest comics do what they do best?

On Monday, September 3, we'll be airing JFL’s Homegrown Comics (hosted by the great K. Trevor Wilson) for the very first time. Featuring 10 talented up-and-coming stand-ups, this year’s special showcases comedians from all backgrounds and walks of life. And as the promo clearly states, the world’s funniest comics have always come from Canada. Why deprive yourself of the chance to watch the next Catherine O’Hara? Or Jim Carrey? Or Deadpool? Check out the promo here

Every day until Monday, we’ll be releasing exclusive backstage interviews from all 10 of the Homegrown Comics. We asked them about the comedians that inspire them, the advice they’d give to aspiring stand-ups, and why Canadian comics are different (i.e. better) than American comics.