We’re not sure of the exact stats, but we’re pretty certain that the majority of the world isn’t super satisfied with how things are going these days. And even though we live in the veritable hippie enclave of Canada, we’re still feeling the heat simmering down south, out east and basically everywhere else. Things have gotten so nuts that even our comedians are having trouble staying funny, but thankfully Second City Toronto’s latest mainstage cast decided to party today and panic tomorrow with their excellent new revue.

That was a very strong segue because the show is called Party Today, Panic Tomorrow. Set against a plain set resembling the exterior of a standard suburban home, the show maintains a solid comedic pace thanks to first time mainstage director Leslie Seiler and features the types of bits Second City is known for including digs at Toronto, modern technology, and relationships. We actually only counted nine references to President Trump and his many cronies, which was refreshing considering how ubiquitous he is on late night TV and any time Internet.

Here’s a rundown of what we believe are the five best sketches written and performed by Devon Hyland, Brandon Hackett, Nadine Djoury, Colin Munch, Allana Reoch, and Ann Pornel. Hopefully it will entice you enough to see the show before the theatre, and whole world, is destroyed:

Cars Vs. Bikes
In what is a situation familiar to anyone who transports themselves around, a cyclist played by Colin Munch gets into an argument with a driver portrayed by Ann Pornel. After each presents their side of the dispute, they manage to realize they have more in common than they thought. This sketch could be important in finally establishing peace between the two and four wheeled.

Spin Class
Newcomer Allana Reoch shows off strong character work throughout the show, especially in a sketch where she plays a spin class instructor. Even if you’ve never been to a spin class, you’ll instantly pick up on the nuances thanks to her performance and interactions with her cast mates before the sketch and her character evolve into delightful lunacy.  

Devon Hylan’s energy is on full display in this game show bit where the fate of each contestant lays in the hands of the audience. As the show’s host, Hyland describes contestants’ past behavior then lets the crowd decide whether that behavior warrants being eaten by wolves. It’s a very simple concept pulled off hilariously by the cast and allows for some topical references and a comment on today’s in vogue culture of shaming.

Wine not?
Ontario wine lovers are no doubt familiar with The Wine Rack, the VQA-approved retailer whose employees are notoriously chipper. For anyone outside of Ontario, Second City’s send-up is perhaps the perfect way to experience shopping at the Wine Rack without actually having to shop at the Wine Rack.

Embracing your body
During their last revue, female cast members experienced some totally heinous audience harassment that did nothing but show a huge room of people how garbage the offenders truly were. In response, Pornel, Reoch and Nadine Djoury strip down and embrace their bodies by pointing out specific regions they’ve perhaps been uncomfortable with in the past. It’s a perfect blend of funny, honest and touching, helping to solidify the cast’s female members as the core of the group.  

Party Today, Panic Tomorrow is now running at The Second City’s Mercer Street theatre in Toronto every Tuesday to Sunday night. Buy your tickets now!