Since the last season of Just For Laughs: All Access concluded the world has changed and so have you. You have more or less hair, drier or wetter skin, and more or less blood running through your heart, which is either smaller or bigger depending on how many bananas you’ve been eating. One thing that hasn’t changed besides always steady beef prices is the quality of comedy you’re about to be exposed to when a brand new season of our flagship standup show starts Saturday September 30 at 9ep.

Once again we’ve lured the world’s funniest comics to Montreal and captured them performing their tightly honed acts using HD cameras and the best microphones Quebec has to offer. We’ve shot so much stand-up that Season 6 of the show will follow hot on Season 5’s heels in early 2018, meaning you’ll have more than enough comedy to distract you from the world crumbling around us.

But let’s worry about Season 6 later. We wouldn’t want you to get so excited that you explode. On Saturday you’ll see Canadian heroes Russell Peters and Darcy Michael, Daily Show faves Roy Wood Jr. and Michelle Wolf, and Ruben Paul who defies categorization. If you want to see a complete list of this season’s talent click on this highlighted part. If you’re in a rush here’s an abridged version that will whet your appetite for laughs better than any fart machine ever could:

We got Sebastian Maniscalco (Oct. 7); Jay Pharoah (Oct. 14); Nikki Glaser (Oct. 28); David Cross (Nov. 4); and the late, great, Carrie Fisher (Dec. 23). And we’re thrilled to feature some of Canada’s top guns including Graham Chittenden (Oct. 7), John Cullen (Oct. 14), Chris Locke (Oct. 14), The Beaverton’s Aisha Alfa (Oct. 21), Letterkenny’s K. Trevor Wilson (Oct. 21), Tom Henry (Oct. 28), and Dave Merheje (Oct. 28).

As always we here at the website will bring you non-cable-having whack jobs the episodes post-broadcast, and all we ask in return is that you watch a few ads. See you Saturday!