If you love the idea of The Beaverton but can’t stand the dull glow of websites, or the sensory overload of television programs, then we’ve got great news that someone will hopefully print out and hand to you because if you hate websites then you’re not reading this on a computer.
The sultans of satire have entered the next stage of their metamorphosis, hatching from the pupa of cable TV and turning into a beautiful book that will spread its paper wings on October 31, 2017. Glorious And/Or Free: The True History Of Canada has been penned by two of the organization’s exemplary editors and will follow the story of our great nation from the very beginning, all the way up to the 21st century.
Using the satire that made The Beaverton website and TV show the best website/TV show combo since Murphy Brown/MurphyBrown.org, the book will cover Canada’s most important people and events using original illustrations, historical images (modified for accuracy) and general fun including something described as a “short Sir John A. Macdonald choose-your-own-drunken-adventure novel”.
If you’re the type that likes to get their Halloween shopping done early then pre-order Glorious And/Or Free: The True History Of Canada now or risk waiting in line with the other last minute shoppers looking to fill their loved one’s cauldrons with books.
And stay tuned for details on the second season of The Beaverton TV show returning sooner rather than later depending on your perception of time!