Back in Medieval Canada, jesters would compete once a fortnight for the king’s favour. The victor would receive praise and rare fruits while the losers would be sent to the frozen wastes of Manitoba to battle hordes of ice cats, to return when the sound of the tuba summoned them back to court for another round.
In an effort to uphold this tradition, SiriusXM runs a little laugh-off of its own every year called “Top Comic” where the winner is awarded $25,000 and guaranteed spots in JFL42 (Toronto), JFL NorthWest (Vancouver), and the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, which includes a set on our very own Just For Laughs: All Access television program.
Another major difference between this contest and its ancient predecessor is that the king of SiriusXM is not granted full autonomy in choosing a winner. In fact, at this point in the competition, anyone from a peasant to a hedge fund manager can help trim the 18 semi-finalists down to the final eight. Your votes will choose six finalists while a panel of industry experts adds another two, forming the complete championship that will go down at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto on September 28 where a sole winner will be crowned.
And who are those brave 18 who’ve already battled with 42 other Canadian comedians to reach this phase of the competition? They are…
Myles Anderson (Hometown: Shawnigan Lake)
Kyle Bottom (Hometown: Vancouver)
Graham Chittenden (Hometown: Brantford)
D.J. Demers (Hometown: Kitchener)
Mayce Galoni (Hometown: Hamilton)
Nigel Grinstead (Hometown: Arnprior)
Pete Johansson (Hometown: Kelowna)
Simon King (Hometown: Vancouver)
Marito Lopez (Hometown: Calgary)
Gavin Matts (Hometown: New Westminster)
Kathleen McGee (Hometown: Edmonton)
Mike Rita (Hometown: Toronto)
Jacob Samuel (Hometown: Toronto)
Sterling Scott (Hometown: Edmonton)
Michelle Shaughnessy (Hometown: Toronto)
Jane Stanton (Hometown: North Vancouver)
Ana-Marija Stojic (Hometown: Toronto)
Kelly Taylor (Hometown: Prince Albert)

Head over to to watch these talented lasses and lads do their thing and cast your vote before it’s too late.