Patch Adams, the film and the man, attempted the show the world that laughter is the best medicine by dressing up like a clown and goofing off around people who were very sad and/or sick.
Medical professionals have yet to widely embrace the prescription of clowns to patients, but that hasn’t stopped the old adage from convincing some people that the cure for anything is only a few chuckles away.   
A promotional video for
The No Refunds Comedy Festival, dubbed “Toronto's underground & independent comedy festival", imagines a world where laughter is not only the best medicine, but THE medicine. It features a team of ER doctors injecting a critically injured patient with the strongest dosage of jokes they can muster in order to save his life. Check it out:

The brand new festival runs July 20th - July 30th at Toronto’s Corner Comedy Club where they’ll welcome special guests Brian Redband, Sam Tripoli, and Dean Delray.

Joining these U.S. pros is a huge slate of local talent including Dan Guiry, Morgan O'shea, Drew Behm, Joey Harlem, Nitish Sakhuja , Rachelle Lauzon, Jeremy Dobski, Rick Rowley, Kyle Lucey, Paul Thompson, Dena Jackson, Aaron Wry, Moe Ismail, Garrett Jamieson, Monty Scott, Sandra Battaglini, Chris Robinson, Danny Polishchuk, Todd Graham, Che Durena, Patrick Hakeem, Nick Martinello, Ian Fergus, Tim Blair, Ana Marija Stojic, Rahil Shaikh, Anto Chan, Nick Durie, Pat Burtscher, Phil Luzi, Jackie Pirico, Danny Martinello, Andrew Packer, Courtney Gilmour, Andrew Harris, Ryan Long, and more.
For $32 you’ll get access to The Corner for the duration of the festival and access to the three special guests. It may not save your life but it will certainly improve it for ten days. Check out the website for more info.