Among the many major announcements our corporate overlords made this morning concerning new shows we’ve either acquired via ruthless negotiation, or developed by using our vast resources is news that The Beaverton will be back for a second season!

With its blend of satire, wit, and general disdain for our private and public institutions, The Beaverton, which is based on the website of the same name, gave Canada its own unique voice in the fake news game.

Outside of the show’s incredible writing staff, the show also features an enormous cast of enormously talented Canadian comedic talent who fill out The Beaverton’s news team and assorted characters.

In all honesty we don’t have much more information than that so rather than continue to fill this post out with reactionary GIFs, here are some ways to enjoy the world of The Beaverton as you anxiously await the new season:

Head over to for daily, gut-bustable content, hit up Crave to watch the entire first season of the show, and click on over here for web exclusive videos that could’ve probably been on TV had the other ideas that made it weren’t slightly better.