Despite Donald Trump’s efforts to distract people with confusing initiatives and even more confusing tweets, allegations that Russia manipulated the recent U.S. Presidential election are nearly impossible to ignore or forget. Interestingly, it seems that Comedy Central is trying to get the most out of the election tampering controversy by staging a hack of their very own.
In the middle of talking about Trump’s plan to create more mining jobs by deregulating the coal industry (and likening coal mining jobs to negligent fathers that leave the house to “buy cigarettes”---neither of them will ever come back),
The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah was interrupted by a short video that appeared to be “planted” by Russia. Featuring clips of a dancing ballerina toy, generic war footage, and a shot of a person dressed in a plastic horse head, the video looked more like a high schooler’s experimental film than a true hack. But it became clear that the clip came from (or was supposed to look like it came from) the Russian government when a Russian domain name---- ---flashed on screen.

The URL directs viewers to a Twitter account appropriately called “The President Show.” According to the International Business Times, the account originally only featured three tweets written in Russian, all which translated to very vague and very Trump-esque messages: “Make night late again,” “Great things to come!” and “Make TV great again!”
But it sounds like whoever’s running “The President Show” account has adopted Trump’s habit of deleting tweets several hours after they’ve been sent, as right now only two English-language tweets can be seen on the account.  The first tweet reads "Late night TV is broken. A TOTAL DISASTER. I alone can fix it!" and contains a link to a
“press release” marked with the official U.S. Presidential Seal.

The second tweet is actually a retweet from another new Twitter user who goes by the very subtle name of “Late Night Donald.” Though “The President Show” Twitter account can and probably will be tweeting more as the days and weeks go by, if you’re choosing just one account to follow it should be “Late Night Donald.” “Late Night Donald,” unlike “The President Show,” has been active for over a week and features gems such as “Seeing so many puff pieces about dogs lingering at their owners’ graves. Our cemeteries have a terrible dog problem!” “Molotov cocktails should be made from American liquor! #MAGA,” and, perhaps the best of all, the short but sweet “#NCIS has TOO many letters.” Whoever’s supposed to be running the “Late Night Donald” account apparently also hates Samantha Bee (aka “The Bee Woman”) and Mariska Hargitay (which Donald surprisingly spelled correctly) but loves Tommy Lee Jones and Blue Bloods.
The hack appears to be spreading, as
@midnight apparently fell victim to Russia’s “scheme” as well. But as of now it’s still unclear as to why Comedy Central is orchestrating the hack. The A.V. Club initially speculated that the stunt could have been pulled to promote T.J. Miller’s upcoming The Gorburger Show then realized it might be somehow associated with Trump Vs. Bernie impersonator Anthony Atamanuik and a potential new late night show. While both are possible we’re going to hold off on hypothesizing too much for now.
Stay tuned for updates on this intriguing story!