If you’re A Canadian comedy fan, you’ve probably seen (or at least heard of) The Beaverton, an online news satire website turned top notch TV news satire show, that can now call itself a "live stage show" thanks to its inclusion in this year's Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Take that... other TV shows. 

Beaverton anchors and seasoned comedy performers Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas will be joined by field correspondents Marilla Wex and Laura Cilevitz for a live show at the Randolph Theatre this Saturday evening
. Since it’s the first live show that The Beaverton’s had since becoming a bonafide TV series, it’s hard to know what exactly audience members will be getting into. But we’ve got your back---based on interviews, past episodes, hot news stories, and good ‘ol intuition, we present to you a list of 5 things you should expect to see from The Beaverton this weekend should you be one of the lucky Torontonians, or hardcore out-of-towners, in attendance.

1) Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll

Ok, not really. But The Beaverton’s proven that it can be a little more scathing than other Canadian comedy shows like This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Performing live also means no network censors breathing down your neck, which means that the Beaverton team has the chance to be as biting, vulgar, and critical as they want. Plus, in a recent interview with the
Toronto Star, Wex likened the live show to an “expanded, crazy, (magic) mushroom Beaverton.” We’re both excited and terrified to find out what that means.

2) Audience Participation

In the same interview, Rivas said that the Beaverton team will be “embracing the live medium.” We’re not exactly sure what “embracing the live medium” entails, but we’re hoping it means that members of the audience will be called up and asked to do embarrassing and/or awkward things. Who knows, you could be one of them! The Randolph Theatre only seats around 500 people, so it’s the perfect venue in which to call out viewers and force them to make fools of themselves.

3)  Genre-Bending Segments

Musical numbers and a dream sequence? According to Wex, the Beaverton live show will have all that and more! Maybe the performers will stage what we’ve wanted to see since November and act out a dream sequence in which Trump gets impeached. Hell, maybe they’ll even act out a scenario in which he never even became president---either one is fine by us. Speaking of which…

4) Trump Jokes

It’s been almost a full month since the last episode of The Beaverton’s first season aired, which means there are weeks of Trump-related fodder that have yet to be exploited. Based on the fact that The Beaverton has dedicated
entire segments to Trump and his extremely questionable decisions/actions/behavior/everything, we’ll be shocked if the man walks away unscathed on Saturday.

5) Trudeau Jokes

You didn’t think Trudeau was exempt, did you? So many Trudeau-centric news items have popped up since February---people pledging their devotion to his butt, Sophie-Gregoire Trudeau
declaring that International Women’s Day is about celebrating male allies, and oh, yeah, one or two stories about his actual policies. The Beaverton has never shied away from criticizing Canada’s It-Boy, and that probably isn’t going to change in a live setting.
You can catch Emma Hunter, Miguel Rivas, Marilla Wex and Laura Cilevitz live on Saturday at 7 PM at the Randolph Theatre by purchasing your tickets on the Toronto Skech Comedy Festival
website. See you there!