No matter how many leprechauns you end up eating this weekend, you will still not be as lucky as K. Trevor Wilson.
Whether it’s due to his lucky red beard, or simply his immense talents, K. Trev has enjoyed an incredible comedic hot streak that’s seen him reach the semi-finals of Roast Battle, co-star in another successful season in the smash hit CraveTV series Letterkenny, and make his U.S. late night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

If that weren’t enough, he gets to raise a goblet of green gruel tonight in celebration of a brand new Letterkenny St. Patrick’s Day special, then recover in time to party even harder tomorrow with the debut of his first ever comedy special, Bigger In Person. The half hour joke fest, airing Saturday night at 10ep, was recorded last year during Just For Laughs while K. Trev was busy annihilating the competition on Roast Battle, making us wonder if he’s had any time to himself lately.

Since this past year has seen K. Trev check several high profile firsts of a list of the standard stand-up “To-Do” list, we thought it might be fun to ask him about his earlier firsts that have been the building blocks of what is now an incredibly successful career. Check it:
What’s the first joke you remember writing?
I was about 2 or 3 and I wrote a series of jokes featuring a character known only as a "Lobbylob" who was basically the chicken who crossed the road. My first joke was, "Why did the Lobbylob cross the road? Because he did."
What was the first time you met a comedy idol?
One of my first sets was an open mic at the Ajax Yuk Yuk's and Derek Edwards was hosting the show. I didn't fully understand the business yet so it blew me away that he was there.

What was your first real paycheque from comedy?
About a year in I did a charity night in Grand Bend--that was my first real payday in stand-up.
What was the first comedy special you remember watching?
Eddie Murphy's Delirious. I would rent Raw or Delirious and watch ‘till I had them memorized.

What was the first time you truly felt you killed?
Grade 8, school play. I played Cinderella's fat step-sister named Peaches. Murdered

Watch Bigger In Person Saturday at 10ep!