It’s difficult to gauge where we’re at in the ongoing saga of President Donald Trump, but like any good story, this past week offered up a solid emotional arc that would be the envy of E.L. James herself.
Following his first speech to Congress on the final day of February, Trump was lauded for taking on a tone befitting of a president, which went against his usual style of brain damaged wrestler attempting to intimidate his opponent ahead of the next pay-per-view.


Optimists believed the speech would usher in a new, calmer chapter in the story of Trump that would allow patient Republicans to scream, “WE TOLD YOU SO”, into the faces and Twitter accounts of the left. But if we learned anything from the Rob Ford years it’s that scandal-prone individuals are... scandal prone.
A mere five days after the big speech, Trump went on a Twitter tirade claiming former president and current vacation master Barack Obama had tapped his phones at Trump Tower during the election. This would be an actual big deal had Trump backed up his claims with proof rather than hearsay from a right wing nut job, but this is Trump we’re talkin’ about.
Full Frontal summarized this past week far better than we just did so check out Sam Bee’s analysis below where she swears her way through the timeline that ends with Trump’s team calming his anger by showing him the latest Muslim ban:  


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