From women’s marches to airport sit-ins, the #Resistance in the U.S. and in Canada seems to be in full swing. There’s just one, tiny thing that those feisty Democrats can do to really prove that they’re not going to go down without a fight---vote.
Both “resist” and “resistance” are already in the running for Merriam-Webster’s 2017 Word of the Year, as the terms have been on the lips of everyone from news anchors and journalists to enthusiastic, Twitter-happy progressives and brands that want a ticket aboard the woke train.  And let’s be honest, any word would probably be a better pick than
But as the embarrassingly low turnout rate (12%!) at last week’s Los Angeles mayoral election implies, Democrats aren’t resisting in ways that produce real, tangible, change---at least as much as they could or should be.
To be clear, turning on the news or scrolling through Twitter and seeing pictures and clips of pissed-off people waving signs and screaming their heads off is still awesome. Acts like these prove that progressives really are willing to go out of their way to stand up for what they believe in instead of shouting at a computer screen, and dismissing protests and rallies as efforts completely
orchestrated by President Obama cheapens that. Plus, it takes away from Obama’s well-documented top-notch holiday skills---how could he have completed his transformation into Vacation Obama and partied it up in Hawaii if he had to worry about planning an entire Day Without a Woman strike?
But the fact is that nearly a million people showed up for the LA Women’s March, but almost none of those people showed up to vote. And if we’ve learned one thing from the dearly departed American Idol, it’s that voting can help prevent unqualified amateurs from sliding their way to the end (sorry, Sanjaya).

On this week’s episode of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee shows us just how bad conservatives can be at making political attack ads (especially Star Wars-themed ones) and about how good progressives could be at voting! If they really tried:


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