On a normal day, the Canadian brain is like a car trapped in a traffic jam, slowly inching forward, acutely aware of all of the noise and frustration around it. When that brain is exposed to marijuana, it’s gently lifted from the jam where it can quietly reflect on life from high above.
We took that description from the Liberal party’s report on marijuana legalization, a huge move that’s supposed to happen, like, soon? No matter how you feel about this step into a future where snack foods and black light become more precious than ever before, the fact remains that we don’t really know the short and long term effects of getting toasted. Opponents of legalization believe it’s bad news that will turn our children into Mountain Dew-saturated zombies, while supporters imagine it more like this:

If anyone can get to the bottom of this hot-button issue, it’s The Beaverton’s resident provocateur, Donavon Stinson. In tonight’s new episode Stinson investigates legalized marijuana and interviews a Liberal policy advisor who’s helping to usher in Canada’s new stone age. Check out the bit below:

Tune in tonight at 10ep where you’ll also see The Beaverton’s unique take on Canada’s favourite version of Justin Trudeau, and the election of Montreal’s latest Mob boss.