The last thing a professional football player’s traumatized brain needs besides more direct contact is criticism from tech savvy un-athletic know-it-alls, or pathetic web producers whose knowledge of head injuries is limited to what he learned from a Will Smith movie. In honour of the upcoming Super Bowl, NFL stars put aside rage that would normally surface when faced with superficial criticism and/or post-concussion syndrome, and embraced their silly side by participating in Jimmy Kimmel’s world famous “Mean Tweets” bit.

In the sequel to the first NFL edition of Mean Tweets, pigskin princes like Russell Wilson, Rob Gronkowski, Michael Irvin, Odell Beckham Jr. and more take turns attempting to read Twitter posts from regular people who don’t like them. While most of the vitriol is directed toward players’ monstrous appearances, there are also some decent straight-forward threats and insults. If you’ve never seen one of these things before it’s a reminder that the Internet is the perfect tool to tell someone you hate them without all fear and danger that come along with saying it to their face.  

You can watch the Super Bowl along with a large chunk of the planet’s population this Sunday on CTV. And for those of you who read this because you hate sports but love seeing jocks get put in their place, catch Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday – Friday at midnight.