Sadists worldwide have been enjoying a buffet of dismay ever since old “D.T. Dough Chaser” took office and began dismantling human progress. The rest of us have had to choke back the chunks provided by twenty four hour news channels—that for once actually have enough news to fill twenty four hours—leaving just enough time for us to barf it back onto Twitter with the hope that someone pro-Don will see it and think, “Oh wait, this sucks”.
But no one is as exhausted as our valiant last night cable comedy news teams who are tasked with bringing us fresh takes on hot stories that are coming at them faster than Steve Bannon’s standard midnight bowel movement. The Full Frontal gang only does one show a week, which is advantageous in other timelines where demons haven’t taken over the world--in this timeline, anything they write on say, Saturday, is old news by the time Wednesday’s taping rolls around, forcing them to stay sharp. Before last night’s brand spanker, the show sent out this tweet:

If you happened to miss the Facebook Live event because 9:30 is the time you spend in quiet isolation, preparing your brain for another wave of outrageous presidential antics, we’ve got the bonus act embedded below. In it, Sam talks about Trump’s loyalty to loyalty and how despite what your t-ball coach preached, it’s not always a good thing. Throw in a Gilmore Girls reference and you’ve got another piece of filmed platinum that will probably feel outdated by lunchtime today.

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