Imagine the Trump presidency as a nightmarish theme park full of orange clowns and questionable rides spewing exhaust and dripping with oil; the longest lines would be for the big attractions like a Putin-themed rollercoaster that’s just a straight track through tons of fog, and a fortune teller modeled after Kellyanne Conway that never tells you anything bad about yourself. It isn’t that the other rides aren’t as scary; it’s just that they don’t catch the eye of regular visitors who’d rather have their vomit induced on a real show-stopper.
It’s these sideshows that Full Frontal was looking to highlight on last night’s episode in which Samantha Bee opened with a segment titled ”The Great Unchecked Legislative Fuckfest of 2017”. Turns out that while we’ve been trying to keep up with Trump’s ties to Russia, the Republican congress has been taking advantage of something called the Congressional Review Act to make America evil… again?  This includes things like allowing coal companies to dump coal juice in rivers, and the extinction of the Endangered Species Act that helps protect some of America’s coolest critters such as bear and wolf. Check it out:

Even though we’re running out of analogies to help set up these clips there will no doubt be plenty more to yell about on next week’s Full Frontal.  Be sure to tune in Wednesdays at 10.30ep