The worst types of parties are the ones where you show up only to find yourself surrounded by people who aren’t tuned to your party frequency. Instead of chips they serve toast and marmalade; instead of beer they got fermented date wine; instead of music they sit around in a circle and hum dark melodies aimed at provoking a spirit; instead of an interesting spirit, they provoke the ghost of someone’s grandpa who supposedly tells really good anecdotes about his time as a milkman. The point is that sometimes it’s easy and fun to get along with people who are different than you but other times it’s extremely difficult.
It couldn’t have been easy OR fun for Full Frontals intrepid team of correspondents to drag their liberal hinds to the inauguration of Dndld turmp in Washington last week. They were met with grey skies and an objectively sparse crowd of Trumpers who you’d assume would be anxious to smear victory goo in the face of anyone who was there to grumble rather than gloat. But perhaps due to Trump’s quick and steady descent into ludicrousness, the Full Frontal team was met with a somewhat lukewarm response by the Make Greaters who showed up to the hallowed capitol in whatever the opposite of “droves” is.  
Check out their tepid adventure below!

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