You know what the world needs right now besides a planet-wide pizza party and waaaay more Star Wars movies? A classic talk show appearance from entertainment’s T.J. Miller, and that’s exactly what was bestowed to humanity last night when the affable comedian materialized onto the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage.    

Miller hit the ground running with a decent prop gag involving a lampshade before praising the quality of his upcoming film Office Christmas Party, which is sure to be this season’s funniest movie about partying with co-workers. But the real seasoning in this simmering stewpot of speech is Miller’s story about his history with legendary Hollywood bad boy, Stephen Spielberg.

To land his gig in Spielberg’s upcoming Ready Player One, Miller spent almost a decade establishing a relationship with the wealthy film tycoon by using his inherent silliness and whimsy. It just goes to show that if you’re really funny, persistent, and fearless even YOU can be in a movie provided you also have talent and connections.

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