We should be enjoying these remaining days until Donald Trump actually becomes president where he’ll have access to the biggest military in the world and a sizable stock of nuclear weapons, but unfortunately he’s very good at making himself difficult to ignore. Even when he’s not tweeting out against his detractors while praising his infallibility or accusing the media of lying all the time, he’s got an army of talking heads who for some reason—perhaps because they’re huge Apprentice fans—support him no matter what.

Once such member of Team Nightmare is Tomi Lahren who has been tearing up the internet with controversial conservative opinions and undying support of the Trumpster. Last night she hit up The Daily Show for a chat with Trevor Noah and we’ve got the unedited web exclusive version for you to gnaw on.  In it, Lahren talks about why she supports Donald Trump, weighs in on Black Lives Matter and clarifies her stance on Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, Noah sums up Lahren quite nicely in the opening moments when he says, “You are angry about everything it seems”, to which Lahren didn’t have an answer.

Noah is no Jon Stewart but this interview is a great example of how he has the ability to calmly and patiently take on someone whose  views are vastly different than his and the Daily Show fan base. Check it out below and/or click here to watch the full episode