After six memorable seasons and a major motion picture, it seemed like there wasn’t much more for the gang from Dog River to accomplish. But next year you’ll be able to see all your favourites like you’ve never seen them before when an animated version of Corner Gas debuts on Comedy!

Yesterday creator and star Brent Butt tweeted a sneak peek of the cartoon version of himself much to our delight. If you thought the goings on in Dog River were silly before, get ready because the animated world will be a place where ANYTHING can happen.

Pre-production on the 13-episode, half hour show will begin in January at Smiley Guy Studios in Toronto and Vancouver with the main cast fully onboard. Producers confirmed that the late Janet Wright’s beloved Emma character will live on thanks to a blessing from her family.

If you’re unsure about this for some odd reason, rest assured that Butt knows his stuff.

"I've always loved animation,” said Butt. “After high school, I was accepted into the animation program at Sheridan College, but I chose to pursue stand-up comedy. It's been a huge amount of fun creating animated scripts for our CORNER GAS gang. We used to come up with some pretty wild fantasy sequences and bizarre flashbacks in the old story room, but were limited with what we could do in the real world. Buckle up! We're not in the real world anymore!"

Here’s a taste of what to expect: