The Beaverton makes its long-awaited televised debut tonight at 10:30ep on Comedy and we should be celebrating by gleefully tweeting out the show’s airtime while sharing platters of free submarine sandwiches. But thanks to last night’s United States election the mood around here is decidedly bleak because most of us aren’t nuts. We’ve forgone the sub platters in favour of solitary lunchtime walks against the cold autumn wind, and are having trouble formulating witty social promotions after reading several think pieces that have declared our southern neighbour the new Mordor. We still have a job to do though and thankfully The Beaverton is the perfect antidote to the venom of the serpent that was unleashed from its burlap sack last night.

Here’s a tiny slice of tonight’s series premiere where co-anchors Miguel Rivas and Emma Hunter report on Trump’s victory and what it means for the country. Make sure to tune in tonight for the full story plus more news relevant to Canadians including Justin Trudeau going viral, infiltrating a US militia, and the boys at the Beaverton Sports Network looking at how the Leafs will ruin Auston Matthews.

And tune into Facebook tonight at 9:45pm ET for a special Facebook Live event featuring cast and writers of the show!