Another Halloween has been hosed off the calendar like the tart, rainbow-coloured diarrhea off a Star Wars bedspread belonging to a ten year old child who ate way too many Nerds last night. But for people who love evil, the REAL Halloween goes down in exactly one week when the war between Clinton and Trump culminates in a winner-take-all final battle for the White Castle. Watching the action from a nearby plateau atop his mighty Hell Hound will be President Obama, anxiously awaiting the outcome in order to decide whether or not to flood every toilet in the castle before vacating.
We would love to be able to ask Obama all about the upcoming bloodbath but we don’t know his email address. Plus, we knew that Samantha Bee would be conducting her own interview with the Chicago Kid so we decided to sit back, relax, get totally nude and watch her do her thing.
We weren’t sure what ground Bee would cover during her first ever Full Frontal male presidential interview but figured they’d at least get into his thoughts on extra-terrestrial beings. And they probably would’ve but a president’s time is precious so they instead concentrated on things like getting young people out to vote.

Though it would seem like this interview was a sweet gesture by a sweet dude on a scary night, Obama had another motive which was to throw a few thumbs up toward his buddy, Hillary Clinton. There’s some other good stuff about the birther movement and the possibility of a similar scourge attacking Clinton but we feel you should watch it yourself rather than have us spill the beans:

We are now legally obligated to remind you to watch Full Frontal every Monday at 10:30ep on Comedy.