No matter what you put on your holiday wish list this year, there’s one gift that’s guaranteed to be brought to you by whatever legendary December gift god you pay penance to—Letterkenny season two!
On December 25th we’ll hit the giant plaid button within our top-secret CraveTV digital content bunker activating six brand new episodes featuring all your 
Letterkenny buds plus some new faces, as that’s what usually happens when a show begins a fresh season.
Season 2 of Letterkenny proves all is fair in love and politics with a power struggle in the Agricultural Hall, the Hockey Players getting knocked down a peg both on and off the ice, and some interesting inter-group romantic tanglings.
Judging by the following sneak peak of season 2’s cold open, it looks like the show is picking up right where it left off after the gang came together  in the name of their hometown only to have some “amateur MMA asshole” approach Wayne to engage in an “aggressive altercation”. The ABCs of the altercation are laid up beautifully by old Wayner who should be in consideration for Canada’s next poet laureate.

Gear up for season 2 by watching season 1 all over again on CraveTV!