Now that former citizen Donald Trump has ascended to the highest thrown between ours here made of lynx bones and Mexico’s of petrified rattlesnakes, the world isn’t as funny as it was a mere forty eight hours ago.
Whether through witchcraft, sorcery or good old fashioned xenophobia, Trump accomplished the impossible in the face of constant mockery from our beloved late night hosts. Last night our favourites were forced to march in front of the unforgiving high definition of their studio’s cameras and try to find some funny in an otherwise frightful situation.
On a special post-election episode of Full Frontal, Sam was expectedly cheesed off but admitted that perhaps it was her fault that Trump got elected.

Jimmy Kimmel went traditional and took viewers through the classic “Five Stages Of Grief” an packed in little jokes that might take your mind off impending doom.

Here’s a fun insider tidbit: Our new show The Beaverton shot two different intros to last night’s amazing premiere, and not once did they think they’d be using the Trump version. It’s too bad the Hillary one had to be canned but at least this one is hilarious. 

Click here to watch the full episode.
Bill Burr stopped by Conan to talk about the election and how people thinking of moving to Canada shouldn’t expect our home and native land to be a post-racial paradise.

And finally there’s The Daily Show where Trevor Noah shared the nation’s shock and anger, but tried to look on the bright side by starting a “Days Without Incident” count currently sitting at “1”, and celebrating all the legal weed that got approved.