There’s absolutely nothing left to say about the big U.S. election that’s going down right now so here’s a refreshing picture I found that has nothing to do with anything:

The only thing left to do is decide which nominee you’ll be naming your next child after--we like “Clinton” if it’s a boy and “Hillary if it’s anything else.  
Anyway, Samantha Bee has been talking election ever since she started her career as a solo news joker, creating hours upon hours of material regarding the ridiculousness of Donald Trump while heralding the reasonableness of Hillary Clinton. On last night’s final episode before the country of eagles potentially turns into the stupidest place in the world, Bee unveiled the concluding paragraph in the essay she’s been penning for months. If for some reason you’re an American who is looking toward a Canadian comedy channel’s website to help you decide who to vote for then here’s a pretty convincing argument for voting Clinty:

While we’re on the subject of TV, be sure to tune into The Daily Show’s live election special tonight at 11ep and catch Canadian reaction tomorrow night at 10:30ep with the series premiere of The Beaverton!