Remember when we went to Montreal for Just For Laughs and brought along Matt O’Brien and filmed stuff and watched comedy shows and ate tons of beige and brown food? No, probably not.
Okay, remember how we’re premiering a new show called The Beaverton on Wednesday at 10:30ep starring a smart and talented cast of Canadian comedians including the delightful Aisha Alfa? Yes, you do because you can’t wait for it.
Anyway, you’ll never forget any of this information ever again after watching the following video. While in Montreal in July we had the foresight to speak to Alfa about The Beaverton, and rather than ask her stuff like, “Are you excited?”, which would’ve obviously elicited an answer of “Yes”, we decided to play a fun game relevant to the kind of stuff you’ll be seeing on the new show.
We scoured the upper crust of the Internet for a bunch of real yet fake sounding news headlines and combined them with fake yet fake sounding headlines of our own design, then asked Alfa to identify which were true. All-in-all it was a very fun chat bathed in the golden light of a Montreal summer, which has already given way to the grim darkness of a Montreal winter. Enjoy!