The list of websites that have been turned into successful TV shows is short—Wikipedia Tales, Gmail And Ronald, and Frasier to name most—but that hasn’t stopped us from taking one of Canada’s best online experiences and giving it the filmed treatment.
The Beaverton will make its long-awaited television debut on Comedy on November 9th at 10:30ep, the day after America votes on its next Sith Lord. Based on the satirical website of the same name, the show will be helmed by anchors
Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas who have spent years honing their craft on the stages and backrooms of Toronto’s comedy scene. Joining them is an exciting unit of experienced mammals including hard-hitting news reporter Aisha Alfa; arts and culture correspondent and resident provocateur Donavon Stinson; no-nonsense financial correspondent Laura Cilevitz; and sharp-tongued foreign correspondent, Marilla Wex.
If you find yourself wondering, “What is this show going to be about? I know it’s not a town comprised of beavers because that would infringe on the show Beaverville that I had previously trademarked”, then here’s an official taste of stories you’ll soon be sipping upon:

  • A technological breakthrough in Virtual Insanity glasses that lets users experience life as Jamiroquai
  • US militia protecting its border from Canadian Black Friday shoppers
  • With beer now available in grocery stores throughout Ontario, The Beer Store fights back by selling groceries
  • Uber reaches a deal with Quebec to provide taxi drivers with free rides to job interviews
  • With the Loonie at a 20-year low, Canada moves to Canadian Tire money as its national currency
  • Justin Trudeau wins internet by posting dub-smash video while approving the transcontinental pipeline
  • Don Cherry unveils new clothing line for women
Viewers who need a daily-dose of biting Canadian satire can check in with for hourly updates.
There’s still a chance to witness history being made by attending a taping of the show. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area or have been looking for an excuse to visit the city because your kids are driving you nuts,
check out the details here and experience the magic and drudgery of making television.
And finally, here’s a special sneak peek of our cunning anchors in action: