The best way to launch a new TV show is to do so in a manner befitting of the show itself. So when brainstorming ways to acclimatize our viewing audience to the sharp satire of The Beaverton, we looked to the show’s namesake for inspiration.

The mighty beaver builds its famous dam by eating logs and throwing up the pulp up into a river thus disrupting the flow of water and soaking the surrounding ecosystem in bile, attracting enough horseflies to provide ample nourishment for the rodent until it migrates to the desert for winter. Of course a dam isn’t created in a day—it is slowly built over time, one gag at a time. Rather than barf out as much content as possible, we decided to expose you to the greatness of the show slowly and surely leading up to the big premiere on November 9 at 10:30ep.

The first brick was laid last week when we introduced you to Beaverton anchors Miguel Rivas and Emma Hunter. Today we’d like you to get to know foreign correspondent Marilla Wex, who is as smart, interesting and funny as her name would indicate.

In the following report, Wex details the Liberal government’s plan to keep the controversial Indian Act while maintaining Canada’s reputation as a nation that’s totally cool on racial equality. Check it out below and stay tuned for more sneak peaks of The Beaverton!