In a couple weeks, Barack Obama will remove the gold-plated time card from the pocket of his NASA-designed presidential underpants and punch out of the White House after eight years of service as High Septon of those United States.

People who were initially weary of having a cool dude as decider of their decisions are probably now wishing that the rules regarding length of rule were flexible enough to allow Obama to lead the nation well into the age of robots. Unfortunately they’re now faced with choosing a successor, a process that has unfolded sillier than a pop-up book about rear ends.

With nothing to worry about except the direction his country is headed and what style sneakers to adopt in retirement, Obama stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to answer questions, play games, and autograph every bathroom stall in the building.

The most viral moment of the occasion was of course another edition of Mean Tweets, where a public figure is encouraged to read out loud the Internet commentary of the proletariat. These tweets were of course pre-screened by a highly-trained team of NSA-employed cyber hackers who ran complex algorithms to ensure they’d reflect well upon the chief.

There are tons more clips from the appearance because he’s a pretty famous guy. In this one Obama answers the question, “Dost Thou Wish You Were Running Against Trump?” He doesn’t really answer it, but like, pretty much does.

And here’s a refreshingly candid response to Jimmy’s query regarding laughing at the Republican nominee:

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