It’s easy to forget that before Donald Trump was a Republican presidential nominee, he was a steak salesman, a clothing designer, the face of a board game, a judge of women’s beauty, and the host of a reality show on NBC. Even though the network severed ties with Trump following disparaging remarks he made about immigrants, it hasn’t stopped them from featuring him on some of their flagship comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show.

These well-loved copyrighted broadcasts don’t exactly challenge Trump in a way befitting of his numerous lies uttered on the campaign trail. To a regular viewer who didn’t attend a liberally-minded post-secondary institution that preaches critical thinking, these appearances only help in making Trump appear like a fun dude who isn’t racist.

The preceding analysis is not the product of our own University-trained brains; these days we get most of our info from Full Frontal. Since it airs on TBS and not NBC in those United States in America, Samantha Bee had was totally free to let loose on the peacock and its willingness to give Trump a platform to pretend like he’s not Donald Trump. We suppose it’s the least NBC can do for a guy who gave them years of solid ratings, whhich Trump used to provide lucrative exposure to shining citizens like Dennis Rodman, Rod Blagojevich, and Kate Gosselin.

We’d rather not this election get any worse but at least it seems to bring out the best in Sam Bee. Tune in next Monday at 10:30ep for another brand new episode that will leave you laughing, crying, and wishing that Canada had a star system that could’ve supported and nurtured Bee thus allowing her to remain in her home country.