If you were smart enough to tune into last night’s refreshingly BRAND NEW episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee then there’s no reason for you to continue reading this post—enjoy this soothing music video instead.
Those who missed it due to ignorance or stupidity can watch a repeat tonight at 5ep, or spend these last precious moments of summer scouring the Internet for clips. We do not recommend this path that is fraught with legal issues and poor screen resolutions, but will help you on your quest regardless because we’re nice people who need to fill our mornings doing something other than waiting for one of you to make a horrible comment we’re forced to delete.
Since the last new episode of the show aired a month ago, a lot has changed: The top of Major League baseball’s American League East Division is now a four team logjam; Suicide Squad failed to give Jared Leto the momentum needed for another Oscar win; and the U.S. election is scarier than ever. Unsurprisingly, Bee and the team opted to concentrate their coverage on the latter with more wonderfully scathing analysis of what’s been going down.
First off, Sam brings us the latest from the campaign trail wherein Hillary Clinton planted the seeds of new memes with her now famous “basket of deplorables” remark.  

Bee is especially cheesed off about the media’s coverage of the election and their total lack of fact checking, but more specifically Matt Lauer’s poor lie detection and overall performance during that weird thing he hosted on the air craft carrier.


There’s more to last night’s program but we’ll leave that up to you to find. In the meantime, make sure to tune in every Monday night at 10.30ep for new episodes of Full Frontal because this election is going to get crazier long before it gets saner.